Valenteen Hoot Hotel Options, Contact Info

Hotels for visitors of the Nashville Hootenanny:

The closest hotel to Rocketown, our event space, is the Hampton Inn on 4th Avenue. Rooms are around $160.00 a night, but this is two blocks from the venue.

Hampton Inn
310 4th Avenue S
Nashville TN 37201

The Downtown Hilton is very close to the venue, and is very nice. There is a Palm and a sports bar and grill on the bottom floor, it is right behind the popular lower broadway area and is directly across from the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Hilton Nashville Downtown
‪121 4th Avenue‬
‪S Nashville, TN 37201‬
‪(615) 620-1000‬

The cheapest option in the neighborhood is the Best Western at 1407 Division St. with rooms around $80.00. This is a short drive from the venue space.

Best Western Music Row
1407 Division St.
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 242-1631

The Hutton Hotel on Broadway is a popular choice among artists visiting Nashville, and an all around exceptional hotel. Service is excellent and there is a fantastic restaurant on the ground floor. Rooms starting at $163.

Hutton Hotel
‪1808 West End Avenue‬
‪Nashville, TN 37203‬
‪(615) 340-9333‬

Union Station Grand Hotel is an elegant hotel, and this is reflected in the price, rooms starting at $189. Very close to the venue space, very classy, next door to the Frist Museum of Art.

Union Station
‪1001 Broadway‬
‪Nashville, TN 37203‬
‪(615) 726-1001‬

The rest of these options are all relatively close:

Holiday Inn Express
‪920 Broadway‬
‪Nashville, TN 37203‬
‪(615) 244-0150‬
*From $136 a night

Hotel Indigo
‪1719 West End Ave‬
‪Nashville, TN 37203‬
‪(615) 329-4200‬
*From $144 a night

Hilton Garden Inn Vanderbilt
‪1715 Broadway‬
‪Nashville, TN 37203‬
‪(615) 369-5901‬
*From $79 a night

Courtyard Marriott-Vanderbilt
‪1901 West End Avenue‬
‪Nashville, TN 37203‬
‪(615) 327-9900‬
*From $149 a night