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About the Hoot

The Nashville Hootenanny is an unplugged showcase of the best new talent around Nashville. Each month we have as many as 20 artists who sing and play two of their songs for an audience of some of Nashville’s top music professionals. We transform the Big room at Westwood Studios into a huge living room and add the best sound and lights, then we video and live stream these performances to give everyone a chance to see these great new artists before they are famous and a glimpse at why Nashville continues to discover Super Stars.

Just in case you missed our live stream, we post the best of these performances each week until the next Nashville Hootenanny

About David Malloy

Producer/songwriter David Malloy has spent his career that has spanned four decades, pushing boundaries. This decade is no different with his unintentional “invention” of the Nashville Hootenanny, part talent show, part party.

As the co-writer and producer to countless #1’s including his first Grammy nomination for Eddy Rabbitt’s “Driven My Life Away” in 1981, Malloy has long been a staple of songwriting and producing royalty in Music City and with that comes a wealth of equally creative friends and colleagues. In 2009 he purchased legendary studio, Westwood and in 2010 he started having friends over once a month for some good food, good wine and good music compliments of artists that he knew, was working with or had heard. This get together among friends has evolved into the wildly popular Nashville Hootenanny, which has become a monthly must attend event for music industry professionals and a “must perform at” for developing artists.

Through the years, many have said that Malloy’s true gift is identifying new talent and developing them into stars. He certainly did that with Mindy McCready’s 1996 debut album, Ten Thousand Angels, which reached double platinum in sales. Both of Malloy’s albums with Daryl Singletary, in 1995 and 1996, had three songs chart in the top 5.
Later Malloy found and developed Andy Griggs whose 1998 debut album released a Gold single called “You Won’t Ever Be Lonely.”
 Malloy says he is just doing A&R on a different scale with the “Hoot” and finding Nashville to be extremely receptive to the idea. “With today’s music climate there are more avenues than ever for artists to share their music, personalities and develop fan bases,” he reminds. “You have to utilize new media to be relevant and we are doing that and finding the audience can be bigger than we ever imagined.” In February 2011, Malloy offered the first “Teen Hoot” which featured the hottest sector of emerging artists, teens. That month “The Hoot” showcased two songs each from You Tube stars, Nickelodeon stars and a finalist for America’s Got Talent that entertained a live stream audience of over 1400 not to mention the packed house.
Pushing boundaries and adapting to new technology is Malloy’s goal and he is having so much fun doing it. “Listen, I have been very blessed in my career. I enjoyed producing Reba McEntire, writing hits for both the country and pop charts but this is just so exciting. Seeing the raw talent that exists in these artists in the fetal stage of their career. It is very gratifying to help them out while the audience gets to hear some great music.”

Malloy says that the Hootenanny has now featured close to 150 artists and their monthly live stream audience are viewers from 68 countries, all 50 United States and of course, Nashville music executives tune in to see what Malloy is serving up in terms of talent. “Its great. Because now with the live stream you can just tune in and see great music if you are not up to coming to the party.”

Malloy must have music genius in his blood. His father, Jim Malloy, is a Grammy award-winning engineer that has worked with the likes of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Henry Mancini, 
Sam Cook and 
Eddy Arnold. Malloy is just continuing the musical legacy… the next Elvis may get their start at the Nashville Hootenanny.